Urgency Kills Valuable Productivity

Struggling with how to prioritize everything on your plate today?

If you’re like me, you probably can’t do urgent tasks effectively knowing that there are high-impact / high-value items you should be working on.

Urgency tends to kill valuable productivity. There are always things that feel urgent. Focus on them, and you’ll never get to your high value tasks.

Start with the things that will have the greatest impact. Define a stopping point before you begin. Work until you hit that stopping point.

Finish your day with what needs to be done before tomorrow.

You’ll thank yourself later.

Pausing To Reflect

Pause to think about why you’re doing what you’re doing today.

Past and present circumstances and the choices you made led to the place you stand today.

Five years from now, each of us will have had some level of success. Things will evolve, and some opportunities will present themselves (while others won’t). At that time, it will behoove us to reflect on whether we’re any closer to ‘why’ than when we started.

If we don’t take time to appreciate the progress we’ve made, we’ll put ourselves at risk of burnout, stress and anxiety.

If we do take those moments and celebrate the past, we give ourselves the opportunity to experience gratitude, refocus, and pivot where necessary.

Sacrifice Leads To Flourishing

Yesterday I was reminded of a timeless life lesson. It was the first day in about a year (that’s how long it’s been since we moved to Columbus from Orlando) that I’ve gotten out for some intense aerobic exercise.

In my foolishness, I decided to try my luck on the soccer field. It has always been one of my favorite sports. Sprinting up and down a field, however, is no joke, especially when you’re about a year out of shape, and your feet and knees don’t remember what soccer cleats feel like.

I almost fainted after the first thirty minutes.

On the field a friend told me that he does the work he rather skip out on (running, dieting) so that he can survive the things he really enjoys (soccer, tennis).

I’m going to start doing the same.

It’s easy to cruise through life and enjoy the status quo, but the things we want excel at take effort and possibly sacrifice. That sacrifice is painful, but it’s so worth it.

[°o”] Photo by Alex Lanting