Urgency Kills Valuable Productivity

Struggling with how to prioritize everything on your plate today?

If you’re like me, you probably can’t do urgent tasks effectively knowing that there are high-impact / high-value items you should be working on.

Urgency tends to kill valuable productivity. There are always things that feel urgent. Focus on them, and you’ll never get to your high value tasks.

Start with the things that will have the greatest impact. Define a stopping point before you begin. Work until you hit that stopping point.

Finish your day with what needs to be done before tomorrow.

You’ll thank yourself later.

1 thought on “Urgency Kills Valuable Productivity”

  1. Great advice, Zach….time management and efficiency are on my mind daily! Get the hard thing(s) done or begun first…..while you have the most energy and before you can change your mind….those high impact/high value items. Still working on it! :) . See you soon! Love you!

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