Hi! I’m Zach.


I’ve spent virtually all of my life in different parts of Ohio, save a short year or two in KY as a kid, and a couple years in Orlando from 2016-2018.


Righteous only by imputation. Living in Christian freedom.

I’m fortunate to have been brought up in a conservative Christian childhood and schooling, through University. I cling tightly to Christ and to those roots. Today my theology leans a little more Reformed and somewhat balanced on the conservative/liberal scale.

Today I see more gray areas than I used to, and I think that’s healthy. I should be able to say, “the Bible doesn’t have a clear answer for that” without feeling uncomfortable (so long as that’s actually the case). John Frame is a theologian who does this really well, and I’d like to reflect that humility in my own faith.

Family Life

Caroline, our son and I enjoy our lives in the greater Columbus, OH area, and spend a fair amount of time traveling to see extended family.

We enjoy outings in search of good coffee, good food, and quality time outdoors (parks, paths). When we’re not doing that, you’ll find us in the “mase-mase,” our son’s name for the basement, where all of his toys currently lay all over the floor.

Once he’s in bed, we often find ourselves eating ice cream while watching our favorite TV shows or latest hit film on a given weeknight. We enjoy time with our church small group on a regular basis, which breaks up busy weeks nicely and provides some quality face-time with folks we really enjoy spending time with.

Hobbies and Stuff

On my own time, I like to read non-fiction (business, product development, personal development, documentaries on the companies that run the world today), write for myself, write for others (a la this website), or get some fresh air in our neighborhood.

As a Product Manager, I work from home. There are times when I realize I haven’t been outside in the past day and a half, and practically stumble outside to breathe in the refreshing, invigorating air. I’m still working on building that into my schedule, so as to maintain the little tan that I have.

I also really enjoy biking, though I haven’t made it enough of a habit since becoming a father.

Politics? (Yikes.)

I dislike almost everything about politics.

That said, my political views are probably a little more liberal/balanced than they were the first twenty-some years of my life, which is fine by me.

I can only hope my choices in that space reflect Christ and what he’s all about.

Coffee & Connect

I enjoy black coffee in every form (homemade cold brew takes the gold, though). Whiskey, beer and wine are even better (in that order) with good company.

Feel free to reach out any time!