Simplify to rectify;
I tire of watching days go by.
Desire burning in my brain,
But patience wastes away as I…

Sit inside my mind surrounded by the things that haunt me;
Push and pull a tug of war that’s never seemed so daunting.
This life is charact’rized by all the things that I believe in,
Or so I tell myself in an attempt to shake my demons.

When life is spinning all around,
It helps to drop some things I’ve found
Which bought me joy if for a moment;
Now sit in my closet dormant.

So tell me, do you wonder, “Do I own these classic records,
or all the games I play in my own virtual ever-after?
What do I need to make my life seem whole and make me happy?”
The truth is that I’m far too scared to face the silence, lacking.

It’s why I sit in darkness jotting lyrics on this napkin.

The Chase

So into those woods I ran 
chasing a glimpse of a dream 
breathing, heavily 
fearing its elusiveness 
might get the best of me 
unsure whether to stop 
or grit and press through
whilst bearing the thorn in my side 
Just a few steps more 
I hoped to find solace 
around the turn
but it turned out to be a dream 
after all


In another lifetime
the music was alive
and all we felt 
seemed as if 
it would last forever 
But now
as the pages turn 
one after another 
the music seems 
as a distant memory 
it can be remembered 
but never experienced 
as it once was