Digestible Resources: Biblical Justice vs Social Justice

Last updated 2020-07-23

Have you or someone you love been influenced by people claiming Christianity, who have also bought into the world’s new Religion of Social Justice, Critical Race Theory, and Cultural Marxism?

Has someone told you that thinking Biblical Justice and The Social Justice Movement are at odds with each other stems from a place of racism and ideology rooted in white supremacy?

Have folks in your circles been flippantly using the term “white privilege” in attempts to explain why disparities are directly linked to the amount of melanin in someone’s skin?

Is your church community looking more and more like the current culture / world, bending to identity politics and bending the knee to other people instead of Christ?

Do you feel like you’re going crazy, and as if all of a sudden only a few people you know seem to care about what the Bible actually says about justice and partiality?

This may be for you.

Below are some alternative voices that will anchor this conversation to scripture more systematically, and that attempt to unpack the Social Justice movement through a Biblical lens, rather than the other way around.

They’ve certainly helped me step back and think through this cultural moment with a Biblically-grounded perspective. I hope that you, too, can find them encouraging, edifying, and educational.

1. Biblical Justice vs Social Justice

Podcast from Falkirk Center

2. Whiteness

Podcast from Just Thinking Podcast

3. Should Christians Repent Of Racism?

Podcast from Falkirk Center

4. George Floyd And The Gospel

Podcast from Just Thinking Podcast

5. A Reasonable Latino Calmly Responds To Matt Chandler

Video from AD Robles

6. A Reasonable Latino Explains the #WokeChurch Jedi Mind Trick – Ligon Duncan and DA Horton

Video from AD Robles

7. What’s Wrong With Woke?

Article by Tom Ascol, from statementsocialjustice.com


8. What to do when someone claims to be a Christian but you don’t think they are

Podcast from Reformgelical

9. Eric Conn — Culture, homeschooling, and anti-fragile households

Podcast from Reformgelical

10. Assurance Of Salvation

Podcast from Just Thinking Podcast

11. Phil Vischer’s Dishonest “Race in America

Podcast from Conversations That Matter

12. A Lament: How TGC Is Destroying Justice And The Church

Podcast from Conversations That Matter

13. We Need Real Secret Church – David Platt Was Right the First Time

Video from AD Robles

14. Live Q&A!: Tim Keller, Corporate Sin, and Secession

Podcast from Conversations That Matter

15. What Happened to Paul David Tripp?

Podcast by Conversations That Matter

16. On Specialization and Social Justice from the Pulpit

Article from Conversations That Matter

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